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Re: Art fairs are about money not art: debate at saatchi gallery ...

From: Money Greedy
Date: 04 Apr 2010
Time: 12:17:05 -0500


Interesting viewing. Collings is very funny. Joffe quite humourless. Buck a bit dull, like school teacher. Wentworth was quite distanced from it all. Slotover is really smarmy, with one of those constant smiles. Rosenthal seemed like a bit of a rogue. Wentworth tried to point out the pointlessness of it all, who cares if there is good stuff to see why it's brought together. Hard not to agree really. Collings tried to point out that the focus should be on what art is about, and trying to understand that. Of course it's hard not to agree with that too, although it was a little beside the point. A silly student said she was worried about networking being more important that art making at college and that she felt the need to make art that would sell. Wentworth tried to act surprised about the emphasis on networking, as if he actually thinks that there are so many applications to his art school year after year because of it's reputation for rigour! Rosenthal told the student to make what she wanted, an obvious point it would seem but one that she seemed to have not worked out for herself. The free art fair was a loser because it was all too apparent that people queued for the artwork for its potential commercial value (shock horror!). Frieze did okay because Slotover didn't make an attempt to say it wasn't about commerce but pointed out the good things in art it can bring forward. Yes art fairs are about money, the way that most shops are. The difference lies in the stuff that they are selling.