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BBC 4 Feminism

From: R
Date: 22 Mar 2010
Time: 18:06:05 -0600


The first of this documentary series is brilliant. I can't tell you how exciting it is for me to see the faces of some of the most revolutionary figures in our recent history. Part One, 'Libbers', interviews key figures of the 1970's women's movement, some of the best and bravest brains in the western world. These women changed our lives; they made the western world work in a different way. It is a tragedy that Kate Millet, one of the world’s most important writers, should be selling Christmas trees for a living. The director and writer, Vanessa Engle, questions them intelligently. In the next episode Mothers - we meet today’s mothers, because it is when couples have children that gender roles reassert themselves. Watch as each man has some excuse for not doing his own laundry, each man thinking that it is a difference in personality that means that he doesn't see dirt or has a 'higher dirt tolerance' than the woman, I've heard it all before. Just as there is always a phoney justification for taking a husbands name. The final episode is about young feminists. I only wish that they had found some people who were able to articulate effectively that if they are angry it is because there is something to be angry about. That to blame a woman for wearing nail varnish/make up is effectively blaming the victim. I am overjoyed that there are feminists out there I just wish a few more of them were men. As the founder of the London Feminism Network said 'One in ten of men WE have brought up use prostitutes' (and probably 10 out of 10 use pornography, with out realising the damage it does to the way they look at, and treat women, how they expect women to be in bed, and how fundamentally it feeds and encourages a desire to oppress women). Feminism, equality benefits both sexes. It might help men to be more human. Thank you Vanessa Engle, I want more. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00rbkkp