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From: The Bogotan General and Mary
Date: 22 Mar 2010
Time: 11:08:41 -0600


Okay, I have been pushed past the line of reasonable responses because EVERY time I have been into the new tesco metro on wandsworth road by the vauxhall end I am followed, not very subtly, around every single aisle by the security guard. It has been 3 different security guards, one on each occasion, one black, one south american, one english white. All of them made me feel annoyed and harassed and caused me to leave without buying what I had gone in for. If you don't believe in making arabs and asians feel uncomfortable just for being different to you, or if you are arab/asian, I say stay out of all tesco shops. Sainsbury's is not as rabid, but I have been harassed in there too - just not as often. Stick with co-op - it is so firmly asian in its make-up that they have some respect for asians and arabs and don't follow you around.