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American Idiot, the album by Greenday

From: The Bogotan General and Mary
Date: 19 Mar 2010
Time: 15:01:06 -0600


It's been around a long time now, and is the most rabid statement from within the USA speaking out against all that seems most contemptible in our society. I think Greenday's American Idiot album is insanely underrated, I think the people who fuel the sale and broadcast of music have woefully led themselves or let themselves been led from the 80s onwards, into a total thronging outright majority by the end of the 90s, down a path of dismal mindless art for the sake of sex. I'll call upon their own lyricism, not mine, to effect the making of my point... "Everyone Is So Full Of Shit! Born and raised by hypocrites, Hearts recycled but never saved, From the cradle to the grave, We are the kids of war and peace, From Anaheim to the middle east, We are the stories and disciples of, The Jesus Of Suburbia Land of make believe, And it don't believe in me, Land of make believe, And I don't believe, And I don't care! " Source: http://www.greenday.net/ailyrics.html