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Shutter Island

From: Stephen Feather
Date: 14 Mar 2010
Time: 18:20:25 -0600


I was looking forward to this Scorsese thriller/ horror film utilizing some his genius from his gangster overe. Unfortunately Shutter Island did not deliver and can not be comparable to some of his other great films. It completely fell flat with a lack of emotional connection and failure to pull of the typical horror film devices. Starting with the over dramatic score which blasts you in the opening as you are guided to Shutter Island it all really falls apart as it is hard to be impressed by any of the films key devices - institutional conspiracies or insanity. The key plot areas seem so tired and although Leo DiCaprio is convincing in his torment he only comes across as a headless chicken in a film that seems like it can't be arsed to wake up! Otherwise everyone else seems like they already had a lobotomy - Sir Ben Kingsley et all politely smile through the film without any real menace. I just don't think flickering match sticks in the dark are scary - and from the premise of the film I think there was enough content there to make a great atmospheric horror film but Scorsese has not pulled it off. Some interesting camera angles and ominous threat of the Lighthouse but the rest was so predictable and just felt like it was going through the paces. Not great - stick with the gangsters Marty.