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Limoncello Email

From: G Benson
Date: 09 Mar 2010
Time: 13:56:51 -0600


Really do they really need to dress up the fact that people speak. You are invited to 'Radio Local' a Punctuation Programme by Edward Cotterill and Georgia Boniface. Open Sunday 14 March 2010, 1 5 pm. A local radio broadcast will be transmitted which can then be transmitted in other locations but must always remain local. Artists Georgia Boniface and Edward Cotterill will conduct a protracted conversation with the aid of a selection of their respective record collections. The gallery will be transformed into a working studio where a one-off broadcast will take place. The broadcast will be for the local population of all visitors to the gallery space. The broadcast will be transmitted via the vibration of sound waves stimulated by the vocal chords of each artist and music will be transmitted from a domestic record player via a pair of speakers. Like other radio broadcasts, invited guests & listeners will be invited to participate in the transmission. In accordance with broadcast laws the transmission will be recorded. Following this Punctuation Programme will be 'No Means No', an exhibition by Matthew Smith opening on Friday 19 March 2010, 6.30 8.30pm. The forthcoming exhibition by Shahin Afrassiabi will be open Thursday 29 April Saturday 29 May 2010.