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angeles sichaun restaurant kilburn

From: fud
Date: 08 Mar 2010
Time: 10:24:24 -0600


Yes, the sezchuan craze, lots of chilis and some numbing pepper, found in decreprit Killburn. There is a buffet here for the snobs to laugh at, and then there is ala carte which has the magical spicy stuff. 8 a dish, and you think that's a bit dear. Then the food arrives, and the portions are ginormoushumungous, so much that you feel like you want rather less. The food seems all right, but drenched in a million chilis and their oil. You don't only not feel hungry afterwards, but half way through, and then for the rest of the day. Order some vegetables, or something plain, and oin super fiery dish and you might be all right. Or not. Food bores of the world unite and descend on kill burn.